A big birthday and then some bugs!

Our little man turned one a couple of weeks back – I was ridiculously excited, almost like Christmas Eve excitement! Not sure whether this is normal but it was pretty cool! We had a fabulous day with family celebrating this milestone and then partied with Axel’s friends on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I went to a party shop here in Christchurch where I was in and out in 20 minutes, leaving with a plethora of Beatrix Potter themed party wares – easiest party planning ever!

And then I came down with a virus – ugh! I haven’t been struck down with anything this bad since I got swine flu while living in London. While it was nothing nearly as bad swine flu, I have been feeling average to say the least for the last two weeks. Finally today, the fog seems to have cleared and I am beginning to feel a little more like my energetic old self. Thank god for that!

Here are some photos of the birthday boy, including a couple with his friends in his new Mocka teepee (thanks to his Granny and Grandad!). Will do a separate post on the teepee and what I found to make it extra cosy later this week.

Thanks for sticking with me while I’ve had a loooong absence! X


Fancy Finds

After a power outage which meant a stay at my parents house last night we are back up and running and thus I’m back online!

Hope everyone enjoys a lovely weekend x

I have been internet searching for a few items recently and while on my travels stumbled across these fancy finds…

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.02.55 PM

1. Gold Geo Sphere – How gorgeous would this look adorning some surface in your home? I think I need this in my life!!


2. Leden Golden Concrete Pots – concrete and gold the best combination for showcasing some form of greenery.


3. ARRO Pastel Kilim Rug – pretty pastel colours.


4. Ghost Acrylic Tray – comes with 4 different patterned papers or add your own design. Perfect for keeping bits and pieces together in one place (I have a similar one that I use on our dresser for all my lotions and potions).


5. Elle Rectangle Eiffel Coffee Table – Just beautiful – Enough said!

Bathroom Door Decorating

When Axel went down for his afternoon sleep on Tuesday and I had an itch to do something creative. Our main bathroom is awaiting renovation; there isn’t actually too much wrong with it as such, but the old claw foot bath is leaking so time to upgrade the character features unfortunately. Until we get stuck in, the white on white colour scheme was starting to get a little boring and I had a roll of unused washi tape; here is the results of my little burst of creative energy…

From this:



To this:



Not the best photos as the natural light in there isn’t great but I’m sure you get the idea.

Washi tape probably wouldn’t do so great in a bathroom that wasn’t well ventilated, but as it is soooo cheap, super easy to apply (and removes without marking the surface) and comes in such an amazing range of colours and patterns, I think it’s ideal to use as a decorative element in your home.

Washi tape is readily available from a huge number of online stores, check out the range here and here for a start.








House Hunting…

via Fantastic Frank. Such GOOD styling! And how beautiful are those white glossy floors? See below for products to help get the look at your place.


1. GE Rustic Bar Stool in Mint – Good Regards

2. Splay Table – Paper Plane Store

3. Oelwein Buffalo Print – Norsu

PicMonkey Collage 1

4. Tall Copper and Marble Canister – SE3

5. Ursa The Bear – Paper Plane Store

6. Kauniste Tea Towel – Mint Six

PicMonkey Collage2


Birds Eye View

Los Angeles based photographer, Gray Malin, travels the globe taking beautifully composed aerial photographs of some of the worlds best beaches (he also takes photos of lots of other amazing landscapes, but the beach series is by far the most recognised). Recently he has turned his photographs into something of empire; his birds-eye view beach images now also grace iPhone cases, surfboards, swimwear, umbrellas, wallpaper and ceramics, but for me a framed, large scale photograph is still the most coveted.

Shooting from doorless helicopters, his A La Plage series has been photographed around the world from the U.S. to Brazil, to Australia. The vibrancy of the colours he captures, along with the sense of pattern and form from the people crowding these popular beaches, make me think that these photographs are a special version of a Where’s Wally picture. I could definitely get lost looking at one of these images if it graced a wall in our home.

Have a fab weekend everyone xx









All photos Gray Malin


The Blacklist

Store.. not television programme (although I have to say that we are glued to the TV to watch the programme version each week!)

Blacklist is a Sydney-based graphic design studio that launched in 2008. Blacklist Studio is the work of art director Nathan Johnson, and together with his wife Jaynie, they run the homewares & interiors product side of the company – Blacklist Store
Blacklist Store designs and releases two collections a year, including limited edition prints, cushions, throws, wall flags, towels and wall banners. 

I am in love with the flags and am dreaming of Axel’s bedroom in a few years time flying the Adventure Giant Wall Flag pictured below (I am trying hard not to buy things with the idea of him using / wearing them in 5 + years time!).



Head over to the Blacklist Store to check out all their other amazing homeware products that just ooze cool – a bit like that French Bulldog!

Have a fab weekend everyone x