Keeping it Cosy (and an Instagram change)


I wanted to make the interior of Axel’s teepee a place where he could relax and play quietly (ha! For those of you who know my child I’m sure you are laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of that statement!) but any-who a girl can dream and he has actually managed to do so for maybe 2 minutes max – a work in progress…

I didn’t want to spend heaps of money but wanted to give him the cosy feeling on mass straight away so Kmart and Cotton On Kids were on my hit list at the mall.

The faux sheep skin rug was $35 from Kmart and the cushions from Cotton On Kids were great value for money and tied in well with the Wild Thing-esque theme I’ve got going on in there (monster cushion available but the little triangular  cushion is sold out online). I already had the Wild Thing cushion (from Society 6) so added that in there too.

Axel loves to run head first in there and throw himself down on the cushions so it must be pretty comfortable (I actually know it’s pretty comfortable as have had a wee rest in there myself on occasion!) and I can easily add new cushions and blankets.

Also thought I show you a pic of what we got the cheeky monkey for his first birthday present – this awesome Blacklist Studio print which we got via PaperPlaneStore as they have them already framed. I love it! For the moment it is sitting up on the windowsill but when he changes rooms (maybe / eventually / one day) it’ll go up on the wall as there isn’t quite the right spot for it in his current room.


On a side note I was so useless at logging in and out of my personal account on Instagram to post images on the blog account that I’m going to flag the blog account and just link it to my personal account. Hmmm hope that makes sense! Follow me at @claredoornenbal.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone xx


NUD lighting

While in Perth I picked up a NUD pendant light for Axel’s room. I wanted to use it as a lamp by hanging it from a bracket so needed to get my Dad to complete some quick DIY electrical work to allow it to be plugged into the wall. Mission complete and I’m super happy with the soft glow that illuminates from the Edison style bulb. The bulb I got at Mitre 10 (Bunnings also has them) which was great as I was able to see the different sizes in person rather than ordering via the internet. I also found the grey powder coated wall bracket there too.

The hardest part of the whole thing was choosing from the amazing range of cord colours and deciding not to go for a concrete socket (and then taking the photos – Axel’s room has terrible natural light for photos; the ‘tool using the tool’ as my husband would say may also have something to do with it! Hopefully you get the idea and imagine it looking 10 times better in real life!)

NUD is available from a variety of places in NZ. Try here, here and here.








Nursery Art

I love sourcing art works for our home and the nursery has been no exception. There are so many amazing prints available via online stores and with Etsy ordering original art from around the world has never been easier.

I have started the beginnings of a gallery wall and am loving the simplicity and practicality of using washi tape to adhere the art works to the wall. It makes it so easy to move them around and play with the layout.

My go-to artist to begin this wall was New Zealander Bayley Collins of Birdinabunnysuit fame. Combining her love of illustration and collage, Bayley creates whimsical images of dressed up animals, hence the title of her business!



I then spent a ridiculous amount of time perusing Etsy and discovered New Zealand store Toodles Noodles. They have a wide variety of items emblazoned with cute images and typography, I particularly liked the flags and thought one would look great hanging on Axel’s wardrobe door.


And so continues my hunt for further art to add to the gallery wall – if anyone knows of any great artists specialising in prints please share!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone x


Shelf Styling

I love adding new bits and pieces to Axel’s room, particularly the floating shelves. They are the perfect place to display treasures, toys and books that add colour and character to his room.

I play around with them all the time as new pieces are gifted or bought so from week to week they look quite different (they could definitely do with a little editing but at the moment I love the jumble of things crowding the shelves!). I have used Pinterest yet again to provide inspiration on how to style them – definitely my go-to website for ideas these days!

Here was my inspiration – notably slightly more refined than Axel’s!

all images via my Pinterest


And here are Axel’s shelves…

Love Letters

I stumbled across these beautiful little love letters penned by NZ designer / illustrator / all-round creative cookie Dan Mace. An archival giclee print on Hahnemuhle rag paper and then tea stained, each little print also comes with a little envelope.

There is room to personalise them but I think they would look fab strung up or framed as mini artworks.

Check out all the love letters at Native Agent.

Kiwi Alphabet

The impending arrival of baby Adorable draws ever closer (10 weeks to go!) so I have begun to kit out the nursery – so much fun!!!!

We are awaiting the arrival of a few majors before I can take some photos of the whole  room however I couldn’t wait any longer to put up the Kiwi Alphabet cards, designed by illustrator Tanya Wolfkamp, that I bought from Toi Toi.

The cards are A5 so I decided to go for it on only one wall (it is the largest uninterrupted wall in the room) and I am pretty happy with the result.

I love the kiwiana aspect that they bring to the alphabet, and the muted colour tones (they aren’t as bright as the photos make them look) go nicely against the wall colour which is a kind of grey.  I used a cream with gold polkadots washi tape to stick them up (LOVE that stuff!).

Not the best pics but at least gives you a glimpse… More to come!