Fromage La Rue

As we are currently holidaying in Noosa, Australia, I thought featuring Australian content would be appropriate!

Fromage La Rue is a Byron Bay based company that specialise in vintage style, large Marquee Letter Lights and shapes (stars, thunder bolts, clouds, hearts, ampersand) and perspex signs. More recently they have released a petite range – perfect for a child’s bedroom; I think soft lighting in a child’s bedroom or nursery is so important and these are a fun, yet classic way of achieving this.

They are super popular so if you are keen to purchase one of these gorgeous light fixtures that also doubles as a piece of art, then following Fromage La Rue’s Facebook page is a good idea to keep up with their production.





All images via Fromage La Rue



Vintage String Lights

I was super excited to stumble across the amazing online lighting store Mr Ralph and discover for the first time on my internet travels someone in NZ who stocks vintage style globe string lights. A major step-up from fairy lights in terms of styling an outdoor event, I have been hunting for these since planning our wedding. I can’t wait for the warm weather to return later in the year so that we can string them up over our outdoor dining area and enjoy numerous dinner parties and summer soirees.

Here are some images that inspired the purchase!

images via my Pinterest 



Upcycled Vintage Crates

How cool are these upcycled crates? The vintage inspired crates started life as pallets, but with a lot of love have been transformed into unique, screen printed designs.

They would look great inside or outside. I’m thinking I could do with one to use as a drinks tray or place to store condiments at our BBQ’s this summer.

Get them here.

Shits About to Get Dainty!

Recently while at the Craft Collectives Dead of Winter Market, I stumbled across Shits About to Get Dainty. I immediately fell in love with the juxtaposition between the vintage plates and the modern graffiti-esque drawings, along with the imperfection and the history that a thrift store plate brings to a home.
I snapped up this mint green beauty which now adds a little bit of glam rock to our living room corner.
I was so impressed by my new art work that I emailed Shits About to Get Dainty’s creator Rob Kay to find out a little more and he very kindly obliged…
Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to create Shits About to Get Dainty?
about me…i  lived the last 11yrs in melbourne, love graffiti and street art and heavy metal music…..and starwars….i now live in christchurch with my lovely partner jane..who is very crafty (remember when you used to be a rascal) and my 3yr old (going on 19) frances..aka chubbits.
well, the idea of S.A.T.G.D is….i have to give it to my lovely partner, i have always doodled in work books and have stacks of them that just sit around doing nothing…and one day she said, why don’t you try putting some of them on plates….and daintiness was created…
Where do you get your inspiration from?
all around me really, from cartoons i like, to songs, to things people say and things i see…and then there are things i draw that are just floating around in me wee noggin!
Where do your source the china for your designs?
my partner is the crockery finding MASTER! she will find me all sorts of treats to draw on. we also enjoy going on secondhand adventures to markets shops and the like to keeps my stock piles full.
What’s your design process?
honestly….it goes like this…my wee shed, beer, music, air guitar…S.A.T.G.D…..oh and some sweet dance moves that only happen when i’m by myself!
How have your designs evolved? Any personal favourites so far?
they are all quite organic…i don’t know if they have really evolved but grown as a wee pile of creatures that now float around in my head and end up on plates and stuff. my fav’s..i like my new hairy guy, he makes me laugh. i quite enjoy doing custom jobs and creating new critters, just had to do a ‘daintified sloth’ the other week for someone!
What can we expect to see from Get Dainty in the future?
i’m doing some paintings/drawings on ply, and photo bombing my creatures on classical painting…and i’d like to do a kids book maybe!
If people want to purchase one of your designs I’m assuming they can email you directly? Are are you stocked in any stores?
yep, send me an email or my facebook page. but i have stock at HAPA in the city of christchurch and at LAVA GALLERY in akaroa.
Where will you next be showcasing your sweet wares next?
i actually have nothing on soon, so if people would like some dainty treats best way is on my Facebook page or by emailing me.
Definitely get in touch with Rob so you can add one of his fab pieces to your home!
Visit the Shits About to Get Dainty Facebook Page here.

Flamingo Fling!

The Flamingo is making it’s way into houses around the world via beautiful homeware products emblazoned with images of this elegant bird. Here are a few of my favorites that you could use to add a bit of pink passion to your home.

Clockwise from left to right. 1. Sophie Rolfsdotter Print, etsy 2. Flamingo Number 1 Print, The animal Print Shop 3.

Clockwise from left to right.
1. Sofie Rolfsdotter Print, Etsy 2. Flamingo No 1 Print, The Animal Print Shop 3. Decorative Vintage Flamingo Side Plate, 4. Bird Galapagos Matches, IkoIko 5. Pink Flamingo Napkin Ring by Rice Danish Homewares at Attic Lifestyle

I’m thinking that two of these lovely ladies from IkoIko might make a fun addition to our garden?