NUD lighting

While in Perth I picked up a NUD pendant light for Axel’s room. I wanted to use it as a lamp by hanging it from a bracket so needed to get my Dad to complete some quick DIY electrical work to allow it to be plugged into the wall. Mission complete and I’m super happy with the soft glow that illuminates from the Edison style bulb. The bulb I got at Mitre 10 (Bunnings also has them) which was great as I was able to see the different sizes in person rather than ordering via the internet. I also found the grey powder coated wall bracket there too.

The hardest part of the whole thing was choosing from the amazing range of cord colours and deciding not to go for a concrete socket (and then taking the photos – Axel’s room has terrible natural light for photos; the ‘tool using the tool’ as my husband would say may also have something to do with it! Hopefully you get the idea and imagine it looking 10 times better in real life!)

NUD is available from a variety of places in NZ. Try here, here and here.









Hermès Lighting

Luxury French brand Hermès has a limited homewares range that they have extended for the first time this year to include lighting. Released in Milan at the gorgeous 18th-century Palazzo Serbelloni, the installation, which took 10 days to build, occupied several rooms of the palazzo. The small collection demonstrates Hermès signature style, using high end materials like leather and silk, and taking inspiration from traditional and historical elements like the brands equestrian heritage, sailing and architectural drawing implements.

An impressive entry into lighting – but you wouldn’t expect anything less from Hermès!

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Cafe Valentino

Had a scrumptious dinner with friends on Saturday night at Cafe Valentino and I have to say the new version of this Christchurch favourite is better than the original. The earthquakes left a pile of rubble for most of the inner cities restaurants and bars, but those that have managed to rise again are certainly doing so with style and grace.

I enjoyed a delicious pizza on a traditional Italian thin, crispy base. That, along with the warm, cosy atmosphere (fab lighting!) and friendly, attentive staff made for a casual yet classy dining experience. To be honest I wouldn’t have rushed back to the original Cafe Valentino but I am definitely keen to head back to take two soon.

From this…


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To this!

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A new location allowing a modern take on an old Christchurch favourite.

Miners Lamp

The simplicity of a hanging lightbulb bulb incased in wire is continuing it’s popularity as a home lighting must have. Father Rabbit have just added these affordable and funky little numbers to their store.


I’m loving that they come with a special old style Edison pilot lamp and that the wire shape resembles a jam jar.


Use as hanging beside lamps like the example below…

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… or in a row over a kitchen counter top to add an industrial feel to your home.


Fancy Facets

Facet – noun –
1. One of the flat polished surfaces cut on a gemstone or occurring naturally on a crystal.

Faceted home decor items are proving popular this season. Often presented in pastel colours they add an interesting geometric form to any room.

Here is a round up of some fancy faceted items that would add structure and modernism to a home.

1. Diamonds on the Inside vinyl wall stickers,

2. Faceture Vase, The Minimalist

3. Special K Geometric Skull, Iko Iko

4. Turning Triangle Terrarium, Urban Outfitters

5. Origami Stegosaurus, Collected Lee Broom Crystal Lightbulb, Bob and Friends

6. Lee Broom Crystal Lightbulb, Bob and Friends

7. Origami Vase by General Eclectic, Letliv