Keeping up With Kourtney Kardashian at Home

The eldest sister of the Kardashian empire has created a fun, funky home with the help of interior designer Jeff Andrews. I love that her home incorporates a variety of pieces from family members (the pink chaise lounge belonged to sister Khloe and the office desk belonged to her late father). The home is also (reasonably!) child friendly and looks functional as well as fabulous. Check out the whole feature over at InStyle.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! X


Super Succulents

I’m loving the edgy, fresh look that succulents bring to home decor. Whether they be in a terrarium, pot, or on mass as a living wall, they create texture and have a calming blend of colours.

The fact that they need hardly any attention means not only do they look great, but they are also an easy way to bring a bit of green to your home!

Check out these pics for some succulent inspiration..

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Book Love…

Super excited to add Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style  to our coffee table book collection this weekend! The pink protective sleeve ties in well with the colour on our Marimekko cushions. Unfortunately its rather large size means it doesn’t quite sit perfectly on my family silver tray, so I might need to find a new home for that (gives me an excuse to build a vignette with some new treasures somewhere else in the house!)

The images in the book are beautiful and document the vast history of photographers, models and designers that have worked with the brand to beat all brands.  It really is a bible of the classic Chanel style that is so desired the world over.

So now I have the book the next thing really must be a bag… A girl can dream!

Interior designer crush…

Amanda Hamilton Design’s homepage states: Heyyyyy! We are Interior Design renegades, blazing the streets, in hot pursuit of our next fabulous residential or commercial project. If it isn’t obvious yet, we love what we do. Perhaps a little too much…

I’m hooked!

06-riverdale-living 03-aspen-fireplace aspen13 01-aspen-kitchen

If I lived in Calgary and was looking for an interior designer I would totally hire the team – wowed by their portfolio of classically modern (can I say that?!), elegant, yet cool, interiors.

07-sifton-ensuite 08-roosevelt 04-aspen-master

A nice bit of eye candy for Friday x

Moody Blues

Emma Hayes is a New Zealand based company that specialises in textiles and home decor objects.

Emma graduated with a Bachelor of Design in 1999, worked in fashion and graphic design in the UK and NZ, before setting up her own business in 2010.

Emma often draws inspiration from nature and this is especially prevalent in the current River, Rockpool and Wash & Tidal collections.


I love the moody colours expressed in the Ink Collection, how amazing are the cushion and art print # 1?!

Either of these items would definitely add an element of modern mystique to a room.