Another Level Cheesecake

It seems to have been a food related content week this week, but I make no apology for todays post!

I am a huge cheesecake fan and the folks over at Honestly Yum have me dreaming of whipping up this bad boy over the weekend. With a pecan base and salted bourbon caramel sauce I have no doubt it would be a crowd pleaser this festive season. And it’s gluten free which my mum and brother would certainly appreciate; dinner at your place on Sunday mum and dad? I’ll bring desert!

Follow this link for the recipe and have a delicious weekend everyone x


image by Honestly Yum



Champagne Friday

Think I’ll be needing to have one of these on the go at some point this summer…

Happy weekend everyone (especially if you’re in Christchurch and enjoying a loooong weekend) x



 via Wedding Chicks

Oh So Pretty!

Todd from Honestly Yum has yet again created the most amazing looking cocktail! The Hibiscus Rum Buck definitely is a show stopper for a summer soiree (wow, we are going to have some shin dig when I get my vintage lights up in the backyard and serve these beauties this summer!). Using the lime as a stopper to create the beautiful layers is such a clever idea!

You need dried hibiscus flowers for this recipe which you can get here in NZ from a number of online retailers.

Follow this link for the recipe.




Easter Cocktail – you must check this out!!

This looks like the most amazing cocktail! Toby Eaton at Harlequin Public Ale House has developed a decadent, special little number for Easter that includes a chocolate bunny and fire!

We Built This City was lucky enough to get the inside scoop on the recipe for the Boozy Bunny so I have re-posted as it almost looks too good to be true. If you are in Christchurch today then get down to HPAH and allow yourself a special little Easter treat or have a go at making one at home yourself!

METHOD and Photos via We Built This City

Prepare bunny: Take one Lindt bunny and remove its ears.  You could use some kind of tool and precisely excise them, or just bite them off (maybe only if you are making it for yourself).

Fill: Obtain some kind of tiny funnel and add equal-ish parts of Vanilla Flavoured Vodka (HPH use Stolichnaya Stoli Vanil), Kahlua and Quick Brown Fox (coffee liqueur, hand-crafted from organic coffee with cinnamon).  Feel free to freestyle the ratio to suit your taste if you like.

Top it off with a white chocolate liqueur infused foam.  HPH uses a whipping siphon, if you don’t happen to have this piece of everyday equipment around add liqueur to cream, whip as per usual and hope it doesn’t curdle.

Toby at HPH does something elaborate which involves lighting something on fire but perhaps just leave that to him, for the safety of everyone in proximity.


Best Choc-Chip Cookies Ever!

I made these chocolate chip cookies last week and they were so delicious one of my girlfriends said I could sell them! Gooey and chewy = amazing! They lasted only two days so I need to whip up another batch this morning (and should probably ration them this week!).

The pointers at the end of the recipe from Michelle of Hummingbird High are super helpful, especially the one about not over baking; 10 minutes was the perfect amount of time in our oven to allow them to still have a soft chewy centre once they had cooled down.

Check out the rest of her amazing baking recipes over at the Hummingbird High blog.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.58.52 PM

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