A big birthday and then some bugs!

Our little man turned one a couple of weeks back – I was ridiculously excited, almost like Christmas Eve excitement! Not sure whether this is normal but it was pretty cool! We had a fabulous day with family celebrating this milestone and then partied with Axel’s friends on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I went to a party shop here in Christchurch where I was in and out in 20 minutes, leaving with a plethora of Beatrix Potter themed party wares – easiest party planning ever!

And then I came down with a virus – ugh! I haven’t been struck down with anything this bad since I got swine flu while living in London. While it was nothing nearly as bad swine flu, I have been feeling average to say the least for the last two weeks. Finally today, the fog seems to have cleared and I am beginning to feel a little more like my energetic old self. Thank god for that!

Here are some photos of the birthday boy, including a couple with his friends in his new Mocka teepee (thanks to his Granny and Grandad!). Will do a separate post on the teepee and what I found to make it extra cosy later this week.

Thanks for sticking with me while I’ve had a loooong absence! X


Another Level Cheesecake

It seems to have been a food related content week this week, but I make no apology for todays post!

I am a huge cheesecake fan and the folks over at Honestly Yum have me dreaming of whipping up this bad boy over the weekend. With a pecan base and salted bourbon caramel sauce I have no doubt it would be a crowd pleaser this festive season. And it’s gluten free which my mum and brother would certainly appreciate; dinner at your place on Sunday mum and dad? I’ll bring desert!

Follow this link for the recipe and have a delicious weekend everyone x


image by Honestly Yum


Marshmallow Heaven

The Denizen has a feature demonstrating how to really jazz up the marshmallows at your next bonfire night! Follow this link to find out all the details.

1. Kahlua or Baileys Marshmallow Cups
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.31.48 PM

2. Whittaker’s Chocolate Marshmallow Melt
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.31.59 PM

3. Marshmallow dipped Strawberries
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.31.25 PM

4. Coconut Covered Marshmallows

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.31.37 PM

All images via The Denizen

Blog Love: Thyme & Temp

You may already know one half of Thyme & Temp, gorgeous flame haired Jane, from her fashion blog Sea of Shoes. It seems Jane is super creative in a number of ways as along with her man Jeff she has created a foodies blog that chronicles their culinary journey from one cooking endeavour to the next. And they are good. Challenging themselves to cook interesting and sometimes difficult recipes that they photograph beautifully, and then write about intelligently. Pretty impressive stuff and definitely worth bookmarking to your favourites.

Take some time to explore their blog and have a delicious weekend everyone x

all images via Thyme & Temp

Champagne on Ice

We are heading to Noosa this weekend to visit Eli’s parents so I am mentally compiling my Duty Free shopping list. My beautiful cousin Jen who manages JR Duty Free in Auckland, gave me the heads up on Moet & Chandon’s “Ice Imperial” Champagne, the world’s first champagne to be enjoyed over ice. Drinking champagne in the sun is definitely one of my favourite things to do and over ice sounds extra special. Loving the gorgeous bottle it comes in too.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.57.05 AM

image via


Oh So Pretty!

Todd from Honestly Yum has yet again created the most amazing looking cocktail! The Hibiscus Rum Buck definitely is a show stopper for a summer soiree (wow, we are going to have some shin dig when I get my vintage lights up in the backyard and serve these beauties this summer!). Using the lime as a stopper to create the beautiful layers is such a clever idea!

You need dried hibiscus flowers for this recipe which you can get here in NZ from a number of online retailers.

Follow this link for the recipe.