Bathroom Door Decorating

Whenย Axel went down for his afternoon sleep on Tuesday and I had an itch to do something creative. Our main bathroom is awaiting renovation; there isn’t actually too much wrong with it as such, but the old claw foot bath is leaking so time to upgrade the character features unfortunately. Until we get stuck in, the white on white colour scheme was starting to get a little boring and I had a roll of unused washi tape; here is the results of my little burst of creative energy…

From this:



To this:



Not the best photos as the natural light in there isn’t great but I’m sure you get the idea.

Washi tape probably wouldn’t do so great in a bathroom that wasn’t well ventilated, but as it is soooo cheap, super easy to apply (and removes without marking the surface) and comes in such an amazing range of colours and patterns, I think it’s ideal to use as a decorative element in your home.

Washi tape is readily available from a huge number of online stores, check out the range here and here for a start.









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