Wallpaper Love

I LOVE, love, lurrrrveee the half moon Ferm Living wallpaper we used on a section in Axel’s room!

I think it really adds a wow factor and pulls everything together. I love how it sneaks around the corner so that you get a peak of what awaits you from the hallway. Clashing prints in the same accent colour allows for cohesion but a sense of fun – what a boys room should be!

I ordered the wallpaper through the Paper Room – they have an amazing range and provide great advice on what products to use to help ensure you get a perfect result.

It was a little tricky to hang due to wonky walls (the joys of living in Earthquake prone Christchurch in a 1930’s bungalow) and my idea to bring it round the corner, but my Dad and brother did a fab job and probably saved my marriage haha! I have slowly been piecing together my ideas for this space.

You can see that I have ticked off the rug from my wish list on this previous post and swapped out the orange curtains for some neutral ones that Mum had in their place and was replacing. I love it when I find cool boy things to add character and a little design to the room – there are so many girly things out there or things that are brightly coloured which don’t really fit with the style of the room so you can imagine my delight when I found this super cool bat hanger online – cheap, cheerful and monochrome!

See below the photos for links to products I have used so far – mind you the Mocka chair is about to be replaced next week (Axel turns one on Wednesday! Where did that year go?!) by something much more whimsical and a whole lot safer; our crazy child scales the chair, props his feet on the heater then boosts onto the windowsill! Not so safe anymore!

Chair – Mocka (similar here)

Rug – Letliv

Moroccan Pouf – Letliv

Animal Artwork – Bird in a Bunny Suit

Wild Thing Cushion – Society Six

Alphabet Cards – Tanya Wolfkamp


Back Into It

I’m rested and ready to roll! Super excited about what 2015 may hold for us… 2014 was obviously extra special as we welcomed Axel into our lives; he has brought a huge amount of energy and excitement into our wee world as well as reducing the amount of sleep and ‘us’ time we get! We also enjoyed two wonderful trips to Australia, resurrected the house after flooding damage and created countless memories with family and friends.

I haven’t made any resolutions this year as I don’t tend to stick to them! However I do have personal goals that I will be doing my best to carry out to help me grow as a person in a positive direction. Do you make New Year resolutions? Do you stick to them?!!

We (by ‘we’ I mean Eli mostly!) have been busy in the back garden area over the break laying new lawn, building a concrete planter box, and renovating the outdoor studio which will be used as a playroom. My Dad also kindly built Axel an awesome sandpit which I’m sure will be used endlessly over the years to come (it does have a cover but wasn’t as photogenic with a blue tarpaulin over it!). Still have lots of planting to do in the garden but we are getting there.

We are looking forward to enjoying our outdoor area next summer without the need for so much hard work!

Hope you have all enjoyed a relaxing, fun and productive festive season x

Here are a few pictures of the fruits of our labour…

Finally Feeling Festive

Our whole family was struck down at the end of last week with a nasty stomach bug so apologies for a lack of posting but I was in no fit state to do anything other than sleep!

Thank goodness it didn’t arrive this week though as the forecast is for balmy summer weather and I have my fingers crossed for a stunner on Christmas Day.

The washi tree is finally complete! I started at the bottom with the trunk and worked my way up, then went on a mission to find something to jazz it up and make it feel a little more Christmas-y. I found these cute glittery (we all know I love a little bit of sparkle!) star decorations at Bed Bath and Table that I chopped up into individual stars (they were in lengths of three) which I then blue tacked on.

Axel has yet to remove any of the stars from the wall so I think we are winning!


Peg It Up

I can not wait to de-clutter my life a little when we finally finish the current renovation of the studio. We lack storage in our character home and the studio will eventually take the overflow from inside.

While looking for storage solutions I keep coming across the current pegboard trend. I can definitely see it’s merits in the garage and it’s interesting to see how people are using it in other areas of their homes too.

Here are some more ideas to show you how pegboard can help you get organised!

Mandy over at the lovely RedAgape blog has used pegboard in her craft room to help store all those creative bits and pieces and tools close to hand.



Here is a great example of how pegboard might work in the kitchen – I’m loving the herb pots.



This little garage or studio workspace is SUPER organised!



Taking the pegboard to another level this area has been painted in chalkboard paint.



I don’t think pegboard is the right look for our studio however if my husband ever decides to tidy up and sort the garage one day I’m all for it in there!!


There Shall Be No Tree…

Well, no real one.

This year I have come to the decision (after much deliberation and angst) that there will be no Christmas tree standing proud and pretty at our home. Hurricane hands Axel will have a field day otherwise, and I’ll spend the whole time a) worrying about the tree collapsing on top of him and b) worrying about my beautiful decorations (especially my glass bauble from Harrods!) being ruined by saliva and small emerging teeth.

So instead of a gorgeous tree I am planning on moving the bar cart (which has also seems to be in the path of Hurricane Hands) and taking down our Lester Hall War Dog print to create room for a washi tape Christmas Tree.

Here is the space I have in mind in our dining area (all our living room walls are wood panelled so would be tricky to do it there) but as we have open plan living the tree will still have pride of place in our home.



And here is some inspiration for Washi Tape Christmas trees I found via Pinterest.

It might be the perfect excuse to get the felt ball garland I would love for Axel’s room so I can ‘decorate’ my tree!

Watch this space…

NUD lighting

While in Perth I picked up a NUD pendant light for Axel’s room. I wanted to use it as a lamp by hanging it from a bracket so needed to get my Dad to complete some quick DIY electrical work to allow it to be plugged into the wall. Mission complete and I’m super happy with the soft glow that illuminates from the Edison style bulb. The bulb I got at Mitre 10 (Bunnings also has them) which was great as I was able to see the different sizes in person rather than ordering via the internet. I also found the grey powder coated wall bracket there too.

The hardest part of the whole thing was choosing from the amazing range of cord colours and deciding not to go for a concrete socket (and then taking the photos – Axel’s room has terrible natural light for photos; the ‘tool using the tool’ as my husband would say may also have something to do with it! Hopefully you get the idea and imagine it looking 10 times better in real life!)

NUD is available from a variety of places in NZ. Try here, here and here.








Bathroom Door Decorating

When Axel went down for his afternoon sleep on Tuesday and I had an itch to do something creative. Our main bathroom is awaiting renovation; there isn’t actually too much wrong with it as such, but the old claw foot bath is leaking so time to upgrade the character features unfortunately. Until we get stuck in, the white on white colour scheme was starting to get a little boring and I had a roll of unused washi tape; here is the results of my little burst of creative energy…

From this:



To this:



Not the best photos as the natural light in there isn’t great but I’m sure you get the idea.

Washi tape probably wouldn’t do so great in a bathroom that wasn’t well ventilated, but as it is soooo cheap, super easy to apply (and removes without marking the surface) and comes in such an amazing range of colours and patterns, I think it’s ideal to use as a decorative element in your home.

Washi tape is readily available from a huge number of online stores, check out the range here and here for a start.