Highs and Lows

I was a little bit excited for my Wednesday night. I was heading out midweek to enjoy dinner and a fashion event with great girlfriends, what could be better?!

I even got out the Louboutin’s (mine are the patent version which nobody seems to have in stock at the mo)! This was going to be a fashion savvy night!!!



So I was disappointed when our night didn’t quite live up to our expectations. Dinner was good (the high) but the fashion event was a let down. Don’t you hate it when something you have great hopes for doesn’t work out quite the way you had imagined?! Perhaps I didn’t read the event description properly, or didn’t get the event description, but talking amongst our friends we were all disappointed so it wasn’t just me feeling a little confused. $40 for a ticket to what was essentially a shopping evening (4 retailers were selling a small selection of their products and one online retailer had most of their stock), where I had one glass of wine (driving) and enjoyed a few canapés (that were delicious – thanks to the folk at Stranges Lane) seems a little pricey to me. So for the first time in my life I am going to, as the saying goes, put my money where my mouth is (I would have rather have put that $40 towards another restaurant dinner, that would literally go in my mouth!) and send some feedback to the evenings coordinators. Eeeekkk! I need to follow through on this one as Christchurch needs more events like this but it could have been so much better – I didn’t even take any photos as I didn’t think it was blog worthy!

Right, rant over! Question: have you ever had an underwhelming experience that you have then provided feedback on? How was it received!?? Please share and wish me luck!

BUT to finish on a good note here are some foodie pics from the high of the evening, a lovely dinner at Brick Farm, a wee gem that stands alone on High Street amongst the rubble. They grow much of their own produce and have an ever evolving menu, meaning each time you go expect to see something a little different on offer. Pressed tin, exposed brickwork and terrariums make for a rustic and homely feel, and the service was excellent. With a bar upstairs due to open soon and a large courtyard, Brick Farm is another great hospitality venture in post-earthquake Christchurch.


pork with asparagus and new potatoes / cauliflower risotto / parcel with tarakihi, roasted vegetables and olives