Finally Feeling Festive

Our whole family was struck down at the end of last week with a nasty stomach bug so apologies for a lack of posting but I was in no fit state to do anything other than sleep!

Thank goodness it didn’t arrive this week though as the forecast is for balmy summer weather and I have my fingers crossed for a stunner on Christmas Day.

The washi tree is finally complete! I started at the bottom with the trunk and worked my way up, then went on a mission to find something to jazz it up and make it feel a little more Christmas-y. I found these cute glittery (we all know I love a little bit of sparkle!) star decorations at Bed Bath and Table that I chopped up into individual stars (they were in lengths of three) which I then blue tacked on.

Axel has yet to remove any of the stars from the wall so I think we are winning!



There Shall Be No Tree…

Well, no real one.

This year I have come to the decision (after much deliberation and angst) that there will be no Christmas tree standing proud and pretty at our home. Hurricane hands Axel will have a field day otherwise, and I’ll spend the whole time a) worrying about the tree collapsing on top of him and b) worrying about my beautiful decorations (especially my glass bauble from Harrods!) being ruined by saliva and small emerging teeth.

So instead of a gorgeous tree I am planning on moving the bar cart (which has also seems to be in the path of Hurricane Hands) and taking down our Lester Hall War Dog print to create room for a washi tape Christmas Tree.

Here is the space I have in mind in our dining area (all our living room walls are wood panelled so would be tricky to do it there) but as we have open plan living the tree will still have pride of place in our home.



And here is some inspiration for Washi Tape Christmas trees I found via Pinterest.

It might be the perfect excuse to get the felt ball garland I would love for Axel’s room so I can ‘decorate’ my tree!

Watch this space…

Christmas Fragrance Favourite

We do have a pine tree for our Christmas tree again this year, but I am about ready to give up on the traditional kiwi Christmas scent and roll in a ‘fake’ tree so that I can have a tree that doesn’t droop, have difficult decorating patches, or drop hundreds of pine needles on the carpet!

I also don’t need to worry about missing that gorgeous Christmas scent as I am already burning Crabtree and Evelyn’s delicious festive fragrance Noël in the form of a candle. With a lovely mix of sprigs of balsam and boughs of freshly picked firs, Christmas citrus and persimmons, and mulled spiced cider it brings a subtle scent evocative of past Christmas’ spent in the Northern Hemisphere, drinking mulled wine in snow capped London pubs.


Our candle is a couple of years old now and is still going strong, the 2013 version is a 3-wick monster with 65 hours of burn time!

Have a festive weekend everyone! x