Festival Fever

I’m a little stuck for what to wear tomorrow to Electric Avenue Festival. Had a plan to wear this dress with my Converse or Minnetonka Moccasin boots,Β however with the temperature due to drop majorly from what it has been I might have to change my plans (bonus is that having just checked the metservice forecast the predicted rain seems to have disappeared so hopefully won’t need the Wellingtons!).

I have turned to trusty Pinterest to see if I can conjure up some inspiration!

I hope everyone in NZ enjoys the long weekend; stay safe and have fun xx

all images via my Fashion Pinterest board

2 thoughts on “Festival Fever

  1. Always boots. Even if it’s not raining, outdoor festivals tend to have uneven ground and boots provide great support. I also like clothes with pockets and a couple of accessories. I’ve pretty much sworn off onesies for festivals now. Festival toilets can be daunting as it is. No need to make it an ordeal.

    • I totally agree in regards to festival toilets – I still have horrific flash backs to London festivals and a lack of female toilets – why do they never have enough ladies loos!!!

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