Peg It Up

I can not wait to de-clutter my life a little when we finally finish the current renovation of the studio. We lack storage in our character home and the studio will eventually take the overflow from inside.

While looking for storage solutions I keep coming across the current pegboard trend. I can definitely see it’s merits in the garage and it’s interesting to see how people are using it in other areas of their homes too.

Here are some more ideas to show you how pegboard can help you get organised!

Mandy over at the lovely RedAgape blog has used pegboard in her craft room to help store all those creative bits and pieces and tools close to hand.



Here is a great example of how pegboard might work in the kitchen – I’m loving the herb pots.



This little garage or studio workspace is SUPER organised!



Taking the pegboard to another level this area has been painted in chalkboard paint.



I don’t think pegboard is the right look for our studio however if my husband ever decides to tidy up and sort the garage one day I’m all for it in there!!



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