Day to Night

We are heading out to a few day events this summer that could continue on into the evening (depending on how much sleep this mummy has been blessed with recently!) so a look that could quickly be altered to allow for nighttime antics is a necessity.

A black dress is always a fantastic staple to start with and I loveย this one available at Daily Look. You can use Daily Look’s style sets to pull together an outfit on a board and play around with accessories, shoes, bags etc. It’s easy to use and I love that you can import items from other websites. I spent a loooooong time mixing and matching different possibilities – such fun!!!

Here is my idea for how I would take a little (well, long actually) black dress from day to night; adding fresh pops of colour, heels, a luxe clutch and something a little unexpected in the form of a tiger bomber jacket, to take the look from festival chic to fashion savvy – easy to store these items in the car with no need to go home! Throw your hair up in a slick bun or ponytail, apply some fresh lippy and you’re off!

Check out all of Daily Look’s LBD options here and have fun with their style sets here.

Click on my set below which will enableย all product details.








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