Finding a Theme

Our home has a scandi inspired neutral colour palette and I like to build a style or theme in each room through layering pieces that I accumulate over time. I will hold off until I find exactly what I’m looking for, even if I’m not quite sure what it is until I see it!

Axel’s room is a reflection of this process. I’m glad we left his gender as a surprise as it has been so much fun creating his space as I get to know his personality – he is definitely adventurous (a.k.a a crazy crawling mad man who is into everything and must be followed at all times to avoid trips to A & E due to falls!).

I was looking around the other day at the bits and pieces I have added, or he has been gifted, since his arrival, and his copy of Where the Wild Things Are struck me as the perfect colour palette to continue to build into his room. The walls are a taupe / grey and we seem to have already added pops of black, white, silver, moody blue and soft green. See previous posts of Axel’s room here, here , here and here.


I have a number of things in mind for what I want to add to his room when the bank balance allows it! First things on my hit list are changing the orange curtains to fresh white ones, and then bringing in a black and white floor rug to anchor the space.

Here are some of the things on my wish list for Axel’s room, with the cover of Where The Wild Things Are as the inspiration…

PicMonkey Collage

1. Let Liv Cotton Striped Floor Rug

2. Blacklist Adventure Giant Wall Flag

3. Alphabet Monkey Ashkii Brave Teepee Cot Sheet

4. KM2 Creative Indigo Blue Felt Ball Garland

5. Kolor Berlin Toys and Stuff Storage Bags

6. Silke Bonde Fox and Hedgehog Posters

7. Ourlieu Jungle Kitty Cushion

8. Jamie Kay Soft Grey Cot Blanket




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