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Flights that is. Tomorrow. Christchurch to Melbourne to Perth! Super excited to see our gorgeous London friends Leila and Scott who returned to their home city, Perth, around the same time that we returned to Christchurch. They joys of London living means so many of the fabulous friends you make don’t actually live a tube ride away forever!

I’m looking forward to girly catch ups, warm weather, blue skies, sparkling water, white sand, wine country, family time, shopping… the list goes on.

I’m going to take the week and a bit off the blog but will have HEAPS of amazing material and photos to share when we get back. I have finally set up a Mrs Adorable Instagram account (mrsadorableblog) whereΒ I’ll be posting photos of our trip along the way.

Axel has learnt a new noise recently, a high pitched squeal that he enjoys practising regularly, he especially likes to rev it up when we are out in public – restaurants and shops in particular. I can’t wait for the 9 hours of travel that we have to look forward to withΒ that to try to minimise. Happy days!!!

Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead. If you aren’t signed up for email notifications please do, or check back in from Wednesday the 22nd of October when I’m back!


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