Freakin Fantastic

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the amazing real estate website Fantastic Frank. Founded in Stockholm in 2010 and with a branch now open in Berlin their fresh philosophy to selling houses has created an almost cult following around the world.

Fantastic Frank hire photographers and stylists from the high-gloss industries, like interior design, fashion and architecture, to make every home look stylish and inviting. “Our goal with every styling is to coax a property’s potential glamor out of every dull corner, giving every inch of our portfolio a high-end makeover.” Sofie Ganeva, Chief Interior Stylist.

Instead of focusing on getting as many potential buyers as possible to want to purchase the home, they instead concentrate their efforts on finding that one person who really loves the house, and therefore can’t live without it. It’s true, you really do only need one person to fall in love with a home to sell it.

With such beautifully curated interiors and stunning photography, perusing the webpages of Fantastic Frank is like flicking through one of the best home magazines! It is definitely a place to stop by for inspiring, Scandinavian style homes.

Perhaps the realtors here in New Zealand could learn a thing or two from the guys and girls at Fantastic Frank?!

Below are some images from my current favourites on the market in Berlin and Stockholm.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone x















All images via Fantastic Frank.



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