Request Line: Online Shoppers Anonymous (for Jemma x)


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I wonder if there is a group for online shopping addicts? If so I’m not quite at the point of needing to attend meetings, but I must admit I have the bug pretty bad!!!

As I am currently not working, (ha! not working!!! I am up earlier than ever before and I totally consider the role of being a mum a serious full time job – it is hard work!) I have the internet at my fingertips all day and when Axel is napping I search the web far and wide looking for things that are at single salary worthy prices.

I am a big believer in mixing and matching different price points – shoes and handbags last a life time if you buy quality pieces and look after them, anything that is a little ‘trendy’ and won’t need to go the distance (i.e. past the current season) then go for a more budget friendly option.

So Jemma, I can definitely help you by listing a few of my favourite online shopping destinations that offer funky threads at a reasonable price. The following retailers are saved in my bookmarks and get plenty of hits!

Revolve Clothing – I always shop their sale section as being a Northern Hemisphere retailer their end of season sales are perfect for our up and coming season. Plus they do free shipping over $100 (USD).

Asos – You would just about have to have been living under a rock to not know about mega online retailer Asos. Free shipping no matter how little your purchase – Ah-MAzing!!!

Seed Heritage – Always on trend, LOVE their shoes, and they also have fab kids wear.

Urban Outfitters – The perfect place for finding what is ‘trendy’ at a reasonable price.

Onceit – Sign up to get on trend pieces at insider prices.

Cotton On / Glassons / Dotti – The places to go to get basic staples.

SurfStitch – I’ve only recently re-discovered how good shopping at a ‘surf’ store can be! Their sale section is definitely worth checking out, they regularly have online discount codes to give you further reductions, and they ship super fast; my purchases normally arrive from Australia within two working days.

Witchery – Anyone who has followed my blog for a while now will know that I am a fan of Witchery – especially their shoes. Sign up for their customer loyalty programme to receive fantastic rewards (it helps if your lovely mum buys there too and puts her purchases on your customer loyalty card! Thanks mum! x)

Tomorrow I’ll bring you a new monthly feature with my top ten picks for your wardrobe from around the web. These are the pieces that I would be getting (if I could!) to add to my wardrobe that would not only look great for that month, but would be on-going for the season (and seasons) ahead. I’ll be making sure I include options that reiterate price point mixing, definitely the way forward people!


2 thoughts on “Request Line: Online Shoppers Anonymous (for Jemma x)

  1. I’m on the computer all day so naturally I also do my shopping online. I also like and Like Asos, they offer free shipping. I have everything delivered to work so that there is someone to sign for packages and I think I’m known in the building for being quite the shopper.

    I find clothes a lot more forgiving and measurements are great, but shoes can vary sooooo much. A size 38 varies by several cm so I have bought a few pairs of shoes say they are my size, but too big or too small. It’s a bit of a risk. When they standardise shoe sizes, I will be happy! They should go by measurement. Size 26cm for example, would mean 26cm. No more, no less.

    • I definitely agree with you regarding shoe sizes – I have even had trouble when buying from the same store, you would think that would at least be consistent! I usually end up wearing a pair of extremely thick socks to try and stretch a pair that is slightly too big, or buying innersoles for those that are slightly too small, as I don’t bother returning things!!

      I’m looking forward to checking out your online shopping destinations – I’m sure my husband won’t be quite so excited! Ha! x

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