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I’m really interested to know what you, the readers, would love to see featured here on Mrs Adorable! Please comment with any feedback, ideas for new content or requests – Β I would love to hear from you!

C x



6 thoughts on “Request Line

  1. Hi Mrs Adorable
    I love reading your posts! Thanks for inspiring me every day!

    I know you did a post a while ago on red lipstick. This was great!! It’s stupid to think and probably say but I always felt too young to wear lipstick and that’s what “your mum” wore as a staple. I now feel uncomfortable wearing it because I have terrible teeth and feel self conscious. Maybe it’s because I haven’t found the right colour, shade? Any tips on colours for a “winter” (my colouring) I know lipstick can finish off a persons overall look and it’s so noticeable now if they’re (I’m) missing it!

    Also watches……what’s en trend?

    Love your work and style xx

    • Thanks so much for the lovely comments Anna!

      I totally agree with you regarding your feelings towards lipstick being what your mum wore – to be honest I haven’t really branched away from my lipgloss even though I now own (one!) red lipstick. I’ll do some research, speak to some experts and definitely do a post on this! Also onto the watches request for you. Xx

  2. Hi Mrs Adorable!
    I would love to find out more about up cycling furniture and places in Christchurch where we might be able to find pre loved furniture at affordable prices.

    Love you blog!


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