Fantastic FIMO

I remember making beads and creatures out of FIMO (polymer clay) when we were younger. Blending the colours together was so much fun and it was like magic when your creation came out of the oven hard as rock.

Melbourne designer Emily Green has taken the art of FIMO to a much more sophisticated level and her necklaces are popular around the world, but I’m more interested in her recent collaboration with another Melbourne designer Dale Hardiman. The two creatives have worked together to develop the Up Up light, a gorgeous hanging pendant bulb that combines Dale’s industrial design skills with Emily’s gorgeous hand-rolled polymer beads.

The beads add a subtle burst of colour and texture that many other pendant lights don’t come anywhere near possessing. I think they are beautiful and would love one for our home.

The Up Up Light is priced at $249.00 (Australian) and will be available to buy through Emily’s webshop.


UpUp-blackimages via The Design Files 

Have an amazing weekend everyone x


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