The Lob

The more Axel grows the more I’m becoming resigned to the fact that long hair and babies don’t really work and that the top knot has become my best friend. I’m still unsure as to whether I want to chop it off to the length that my fabulous hairdresser Lucy describes as a Lob – a long bob. Or, do I continue to go into battle with my sons fingers on the odd occasion when I actually have the time to ‘do’ my do.

If I decide to go the route of the Lob then this feature from Marie Claire shows how the medium length hair style is actually the length of choice for many celebrities.

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4 thoughts on “The Lob

  1. After having very short hair for years, I’m finally at the lob stage after not visiting the hairdressers for an entire year. I had my first haircut just a couple of months ago (and added bangs) and now I feel like I need more to keep it “nice”. As long as your lob is long enough to top knot, you’ll be sweet.

    • Well done you! Good thinking re the length needing to be top-knot long enough – is my saving grace at the moment!! My bangs definitely require regular attention to keep them looking “nice” and to allow me to see properly! x

  2. Speaking my language Mrs D! You can see now why I have had various lengths of the bob over last 7 years! Got sick of a ponytail everyday! Impressed to see the bangs still in from the pics at school today!

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