Needing Some Sunshine

This past week in Christchurch has been miserable; grey, damp days that leave your soul feeling a little less lively. I am desperate to see some sunshine, so have created a round-up of yellow inspired pieces to brighten my day.

Wishing everyone a bright weekend! X

PicMonkey Collage

Moroccan Leather Pouff – Letliv

Down to the Woods My House Your House Doormat – Teapea

Yellow Bamileke Feather Juju Hat – Mintsix

Karen Walker Tabs and Tucks Dress – Sisters on London

Wildfox Bel Air Palms Canvas Beach Bag – Asos

Sunny Days Print by Holly Roach – Endemic World


2 thoughts on “Needing Some Sunshine

  1. I love yellow! I went out with my sister yesterday and I happened to be wearing a yellow knitted cardigan and she was wearing a yellow knitted hat. We looked like our mother knitted for us still (she doesn’t). She was so embarrassed.

    • That is hilarious! You would have looked super cute together and just think how much you would have brightened my day if I had of seen you!! 🙂 x

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