Mountain Rug Love

Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs are trending in interiors the world over, popping up  in interior design mags and blogs everywhere I look! I can totally see why as they add a modern touch to a character home and bring character to a modern home – such a versatile rug.

The rugs are from the Beni Ourain people who come from 17 Berber tribes that live in the Atlas Mountains. The distinctive rugs are almost always neutral in colour and have a shaggy pile, but range from geometric shapes to free-form designs.

Having been to the Atlas Mountains I can tell you how cold it can be! These rugs are  definitely intended to be used for warmth as blankets, shawls and bedcovers, however interior designers have realised their potential to add style to a home.

Originals are a little pricey but you can get a Beni Ourain style rug from a variety of places, including Freedom Furniture here in New Zealand.

images via Pinterest



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