Oh So Pretty!

Todd from Honestly Yum has yet again created the most amazing looking cocktail! The Hibiscus Rum Buck definitely is a show stopper for a summer soiree (wow, we are going to have some shin dig when I get my vintage lights up in the backyard and serve these beauties this summer!).Β Using the lime as a stopper to create the beautiful layers is such a clever idea!

You need dried hibiscus flowers for this recipe which you can get here in NZ from a number of online retailers.

Follow this link for the recipe.





5 thoughts on “Oh So Pretty!

    • I haven’t tried them yet but from looking at the recipe (you add 1/4 cup of sugar to the hibiscus syrup) I’d say yes. Perhaps Todd could answer this one for us?!

      • Thanks for featuring the cocktail, Clare! Bunny Eats is correct, the flowers are rather tart. For the cocktail I added 1-part sugar to 2-parts water (with dried hibiscus flowers) to create a hibiscus syrup.

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