New Flooring

When choosing a replacement carpet through our insurance company you have to get what is referred to as ‘like for like’. This means a product as close to the original as possible. We are fortunate that our carpet is only a few years old and a good quality wool, so what we were able to choose from was fantastic.

I have decided to go for a textured loop weave that is more of a waffle weave than the straight lined look that we currently have. It feels a little softer and is also less likely to catch under dog and cat claws which is an added bonus in our house! It’s part of the new Cavalier Bremworth Soho collection called Dry Martini and the colour we have chosen is Shaken.

We are paying to have the living room redone as it is impossible to match the carpet. It also means we can rip up the carpet in the dining space which is also the main thoroughfare from our outdoor area. I really don’t like having carpet under a dining table especially in a family home. Putting new vinyl down was a long term plan, but the flood has brought it forward and put our second bathroom plans on hold for a while.

We have chosen a vinyl plank by Karndean Design Flooring which looks similar to wood planks. The colour is called light worn oak and it has kind of grey, blue, greenish tones that tie in well with the existing neutral colour scheme of our living area and kitchen.

I’m super excited to eventually get the new carpet and vinyl down which I know is going to look amazing, however the wait time could be up to 8 weeks at the worst! I’m trying to be positive and hope for the best!

Carpet choices with our final choice far right.

Vinyl planking and what it will look like up against the carpet.


2 thoughts on “New Flooring

  1. Loving! Looking forward to seeing it all in person, bet it will look just delicious! And the name of your carpet choice is hilarious for Christchurch!

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