Flooding Update

So after the visit from our insurance company on Saturday morning things have taken a turn towards major restoration work!

Yesterday the boys (my wonderful husband, brother and brother in law) ripped up the floor in our bedroom to get all the underfloor insulation from the whole house out. Three barrows of river silt and two muddy boys later and we were left with a sodden but drying houseΒ which will hopefully be dry enough by the end of the week to put in the new underfloor insulation and lay the new floorboard in our bedroom.

We are taking the opportunity to upgrade our underfloor insulation as well as remove the carpet under our dining area and replace it with a vinyl product that looks similar to wooden floorboards. The means also replacing the current vinyl in the kitchen, laundry and second toilet.

With baby now five weeks away we are living in chaos! All the furniture from the two front bedrooms is either in our living room, entrance, or third bedroom. My normal clean, minimalist style has been tipped on it’s head! I have one more week of work left and with sunshine forecast for the whole week I have my fingers and toes crossed that under the house drys out enough so we can get the insulation in and floor down on the weekend.

I have made quick decisions regarding carpet and vinyl but who knows how long it will take to get here and then get down! Arghhhhhh! Nothing like a bit of pressure before the bebe arrives! I was kind of hoping he or she might arrive early but now I am happy for him or her to stay in my belly as long as possible!

I hope everyone had a far more relaxing weekend than mine!

Carpet and vinyl post tomorrow but here are some work in progress pictures from yesterday..

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