Rain Rain Go Away

When we bought our home we knew it ran the risk of flooding. We live close to the river, not right on it’s doorstep but yesterday it was right on ours – even coming up through the floor!

A once in 100 year storm brought the dirty, smelly water into the front half of our home but we are counting ourselves lucky that the damage isn’t worse. Apart from the carpets in our bedroom and the nursery inside our home managed to avoid too much damage, which, compared to how others fared is a blessing. Thanks to our insurance company we are already underway with remedying the wet dog smell and hopefully we will have everything sorted before bubs make his or her arrival!

Scooping bucket loads of water into the bath wasn’t quite what I had planned to be doing at 34 weeks pregnant!

The most frustrating loss is all my wonderful teaching resources that I have lovingly created over the last 7 years. Unfortunately these can’t be replaced by nipping down to the shops! Our outdoor studio and garage bore the brunt of the damage so anything that was being stored in there is waterlogged and out for the count. However, I’m sure hubby is looking forward to replacing things like the lawn mower and leaf blower!

All in all it made me think about how so often it’s not the monetary things that bring us the most reward in this world but the handmade creations that someone has put their heart and soul into. Perhaps this is a good lesson for me as I do like the finer things in life! (I did make sure my Louboutin’s, Choo’s and Blahnik’s were well away from the rising water in my wardrobe!)


Photo via my Instagram


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