Kiwi Alphabet

The impending arrival of baby Adorable draws ever closer (10 weeks to go!) so I have begun to kit out the nursery – so much fun!!!!

We are awaiting the arrival of a few majors before I can take some photos of the whole  room however I couldn’t wait any longer to put up the Kiwi Alphabet cards, designed by illustrator Tanya Wolfkamp, that I bought from Toi Toi.

The cards are A5 so I decided to go for it on only one wall (it is the largest uninterrupted wall in the room) and I am pretty happy with the result.

I love the kiwiana aspect that they bring to the alphabet, and the muted colour tones (they aren’t as bright as the photos make them look) go nicely against the wall colour which is a kind of grey.  I used a cream with gold polkadots washi tape to stick them up (LOVE that stuff!).

Not the best pics but at least gives you a glimpse… More to come!



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