Surprise = Healthy Restrictions!

As I enter my third trimester I can’t help but notice pregnant woman everywhere I go! It’s like when you buy a new car, suddenly it seems like every time you are out on the road you spot someone else driving a vehicle just like you! There are a huge number of celebrities who are also pregnant at the moment and I love the way Gwen Stefani revealed the gender of her unborn bebe with a stylish (of course!) instagram pic…

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 1.41.02 PM

image via

Shopping is obviously one of my favourite past times so choosing to have a surprise baby has resulted in a more positive bank balance! I would be completely out of control on the clothing front if we knew what we were having as there are so many gorgeous things out there for both boys and girls. I have managed to restrict myself so far to limited baby clothing purchases that revolve around a black, white and gray colour palette. I am thinking I may need a little shopping nest egg for once bubs arrives though….


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