Rise Street Art

On Sunday hubby and I ventured to the Canterbury Museum to check out the Oi YOU! Rise Street Art exhibition. Street art is definitely a favourite medium of ours and we have numerous works of this style in our home (check out here and here). I was really impressed with the quality of works that were on display and the large scale, creative approach to the exhibition.


Husband and wife team George Shaw and Shannon Webster started Oi YOU!Β in 2010. They had recently moved to sunny Nelson from the UK and had been collecting street art since 2005. Moving to Nelson allowed them to fulfill their dream of running street art events. A successful inaugural event in Nelson in 2011 provided them with the opportunity to deliver events first in Sydney and then in Adelaide.

In 2012 Christchurch organisation Ministry of Awesome (MoA) approached the pair with the view of bringing Oi YOU! to Christchurch on a permanent basis. George and Shannon hope that the Rise event will become an annual festival and have also been looking for a permanent home for their Oi YOU! collection here in Christchurch.

It would be amazing to have such iconic works by artists like Banksy (the collection includes his classics such as The Flower Thrower, Kate Moss and Pink Smiley Copper) located permanently here in Christchurch!

Heading out and about around the city you can hunt down a variety of large scale murals that have been created by a number of internationally acclaimed street artists, including ROA from Belgium who specialises in painting animals indigenous to the country in which he is working.


If you are in Christchurch I highly recommend you head to the Museum and check out the exhibition, you have plenty of time left as it runs until the 23rd of March.

All photos my own


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