Storage Solutions

I’m on the hunt for a storage solution for our living room. Due to a real lack of follow through with rules for our loveable (but naughty) 1 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, Frankie, I need to put the couch cushions away! The Marimekko cushion covers don’t look so great covered in dog hair, so to stop me from going crazy I thought a simple solution would be buy a basket to pop the cushions in at night (yes, she sleeps on the couch, terrible I know!!).

There are plenty of beautiful storage baskets around at the moment so the hardest thing will be deciding which one!

What storage solution is your favourite?

Happy weekend everyone x

Clockwise from left…

1. Wire Basket – Perch Homewares 

2. Braided Seagrass Rectangular Storage Basket – Citta

3. Fete Large Square Basket – Country Road

4. Lampsi Silverwash Storage Basket – Citta

5. Varpunen Sack – Paper Plane Store

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