Race Day! {Part One}

I looooove going to the races and with Cup Week just around the corner (12th of November) it’s time to start thinking about a gorgeous frock to wear!

Both men and women put a lot of thought (and money) into their race day outfits and it’s important to look like you have tried without going overboard.

I have to admit I don’t enjoy seeing short dresses that are also low cut, as unfortunately by the end of the day (and one too many glasses of bubbles) these outfits tend not to fare so well; style and sophistication wins the race, rather than short and sassy!

I also think a hat is great, but not at the expense of the overall look of your outfit. You don’t want people to be so bowled over by what is on top of your head, that they don’t even notice the rest of your race day attire.

Here are a few of my race day rules…

1. Choose an outfit that suits your body shape (and your age!), you still want to look classy at the end of a long day.

2. If going for a patterned frock keep your accessories simple.

3. If going for a plain outfit, you have an opportunity to dress it up with statement jewelry, heels and hat.

4. If wearing a hat, it really should be an extension of your overall look, think similar colour and fabric.

Here are some celebrity looks from recent race days around the world to get you inspired!


1. Lauren Conrad at the Kentucky Derby 2013


2. Mischa Barton at Melbourne Cup 2012


3. Model Mary Vitinaros at Melbourne Cup 2012

These ladies have gone with a great colour theme, interesting accessories that aren’t over the top, and have thought carefully about how much flesh they are baring. Bravo!

images via


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