Skirt.. Short.. Skort?

Skirt at the front, short at the back. The skort reminds me of ladies tennis matches and girls school uniforms, yet the skort has made what seems to be a fashionable come back. Fashion bloggers jumped on the skort bandwagon in the Northern Hemisphere summer but it seems the trend has made it’s way to our shores here in New Zealand already as I spied one young budding fashionista donning her white skort and heels for her dinner date on Saturday night.Β Perhaps more appropriate for summer than winter evenings here in the Southern Hemisphere (she must have been freezing but beauty is pain right?!) – and she did have a great fake tan on her legs to pull it off!

I am not at all adverse to the skort but think it needs careful styling. Less is not always more ladies! I love the way that Sincerely Jules bloggerΒ Julie Sarinana pairs hers with a baggy top or leather jacket, balancing out the structure and short length.

minimal4 memorylane6

Get your hands on a skort for summer at…

1. Asos Skort – Asos

2. Zara Skort – Zara

3. Stylestalker Power forward Skort – Shopbop


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