Super excited to get our Flox prints up this weekend! Hubby did a great job measuring up the spaces under no pressure from me (yeah right!) and I am really pleased with the results.

Flox (Hayley King) is a former fine artist with a major in painting who was inspired by the arts and crafts movement of the late 19th century. She has carried on this tradition by creating detailed hand-cut stencils (a process that takes around 12 hours) and uses authentic screen-printing techniques.


image via

Her trademark, native birds, can be found around the city of Auckland gracing many a grey wall with a riot of colour. If you park in the Britomart public car park her work is detailed on each level of the building, featuring a different New Zealand bird and its associated fauna.

I love that she brings a delicate hand to an art form that is synonymous with bold strokes and is often associated with males.

Flox at our place…

PicMonkey Collage

The large (Unframed: 450mm x 700mm) black and white, signed, limited edition print we had framed at Eco Framers here in Christchurch and they did an amazing job. They float mounted it to show off the raw ripped edges at the top and bottom. It now features in our second guest room and I LOVE it! It’s large, beautiful and commands your view. Similar available here.

The smaller piece was a bargain find at The General Store here in Christchurch.  It is a reproduction, so we picked up this frame from Nood and framed it ourselves. It now brightens a corner in our other guest bedroom and I would love to get a second something to put directly underneath it. Will be heading back to Nood to grab another frame I think!

PicMonkey Collage2

To purchase a piece of Flox’s amazing work visit endemicworld.com


2 thoughts on “Flox

  1. I adore Flox’s signature style. No NZ art collection is complete without one. We were lucky enough to pick up a huge owl painting by her at one of Cut Collective’s garage sales a few years ago as a wedding gift to ourselves. While it would be worth many times over what we paid for it, we could never sell it.

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