They’re Real!

Yes they are… Eyelashes that is! Lengthened, defined and lifted is what Benefift Cosmetics claims their mascara, They’re Real, will do to your lashes and I have to agree – it totally works!

image via

image via

Benefit has only recently opened its first store in New Zealand at Auckland International Airport and it is currently managed by my gorgeous cousin Jen (a Benefit counter has also opened in Smith & Caughey’s Department Store, Queen Street).

I had never used Benefit products and had sworn by MAC Zoom Lash mascara for years, but upon being gifted a sample of They’re Real I am totally converted! The exclusive brush is designed with a combination of short & long bristles and a custom tip that lengthens lashes you never knew you had!

I highly recommend you try They’re Real the next time you need to replaced your mascara. Get it online here.


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