Here in New Zealand we have just had the shortest day of the year which means we have made it to the halfway point of winter. Not something I have ever really celebrated further than a ‘Woohoo! Autumn isn’t really that far away’… On the other side of the world however, the longest day is celebrated in Sweden and other parts of Europe with Midsummer festivities. The Midsummer is such an important festival in Sweden that there have been serious discussions to make the Midsummer’s Eve into the National Day of Sweden.

image via

image via

Midsummer parties involve dancing (sometimes around a Maypole), singing, eating and drinking. And on top of all of that fabulousness women and girls often wear crowns made of wild springs and wildflowers on their heads! Brilliant!

I’m thinking that I could brighten my Southern Hemisphere Winter next year by throwing a Midsummer inspired dinner party which would give me an excuse to wear a gorgeous flower crown!

image via

image via

Here are a few of my favourite flower crowns available on the web. Nothing beats a beautiful crown of real flowers though.

1. Bourbon Crown Pink – Cult Gaia

2. Daisy Crown White – Cult Gaia

3. The Daza Crown Red – Cult Gaia

4. Large Flower Crown Headwrap – Urban Outfitters

5. Oversized Ombre Flower Crown Headwrap – Urban Outfitters

6. Hippie Daisy Flower Crown – BudgetWeddingBouquet Etsy

7. Whimsical Fairy Flower Crown – VintageDivinitiess Etsy


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