Kilim Rugs

Vintage kilim rugs continue to pop up in beautiful homes featured on blogs and in home style magazines. I would LOVE one for our living room or hallway and wish I had of had the foresight to purchase one and ship it back to NZ when we traveled through Morocco or Turkey.

image via

image via

AΒ kilim is a flat tapestry woven rug that is traditionally hand made in Anatolia, the Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa. A particular characteristic is that the surface of a kilim rug is identical on both sides. They are a one off piece and if you are lucky enough to purchase one for your home think of it as a bit like investing in a piece of art. Originally their makers created them to decorate the floors of their tents so I am sure you can imagine the time and love that has gone into creating these beauties.

image via

image via

The rich colour combinations and geometric patterns bring a pop of colour to an all white interior or add further bohemian chic to a room with already strong colour.

image via

image via

Vintage kilim rugs are available in NZ from Mary Kelly Kilims and Siggada.


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