Moules and Frites

The Belgian Beer Cafe Torenhof  has reopened here in Christchurch in its new location, an old shop at the edge of The Colombo carpark! It seems like a strange place for a restaurant, and it is, but somehow it works. Hubby and I went for an impromptu dinner on Saturday night and enjoyed mussels, fries and Belgian beer. Yum…

They have done well to almost sneak the building in without it looking completely out of place and it was nice to see similar fittings to the original earthquake damaged building being used (dark wood, booth seating and rustic furniture).


I am excited to see how the hospitality, retail and housing projects that are proposed for Sydenham will help shape our city into a vibrant and exciting place to live. It’s fantastic that our house is only a five minute drive from what I hope will be a brilliant area to frequent regularly for lashings of style and sophistication.

Keep reinventing the old and challenging us with the new Christchurch!


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