Industrial Storage Solution

I love the character features of our 1920’s bungalow but unfortunately our old lady doesn’t have huge amounts of storage space.

I had been on the hunt for an interesting storage solution to use against one wall in our bedroom. I wanted something with decent sized drawers that could house shoes, gym gear – anything really that could need a hiding place! I was considering this drapers cabinet, however I think it would have been too large.

So you can imagine my delight when we stumbled across 25% off furniture at IndustriaΒ yesterday. They had a couple of options that might have worked but hubby and I really had a thing for the weathered steel look of the little beauties below. As there wasn’t anything exactly the right size the store manager kindly let us rearrange their shop floor. We put the four drawer and the two drawer side by side and voilΓ !

I’m happy with the contrast of the metal with our wooden skirting boards and door and I really like that we could potentially use the two pieces together or separately elsewhere. It also helps that they are on castors – easy to move and on trend!

The moody photos of Venice Beach we picked up while there on our travels. I framed them in the metallic finish to add to their dark feel which I am now extra pleased with as I think they compliment the drawers quite nicely?!

Now I just need to style the 2 drawer with something interesting on top (possibly a tray of candles of varying heights or a pot plant of some description) so I can even up the sizes slightly. I have no doubt that I’ll find plenty of vignette inspiration via Pinterest!


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