Coffee Table Reading

While in Melbourne recently we stumbled across a graffiti art exhibition and I was super excited!

After living in London for two years I have a real love for street art especially work by the legendary Bansky. His clever commentary on cultural and political issues in the world coupled with his anonymity really appeals to me.

I have framed a couple of photographs of his works that have been printed on cards and was pleased to find the gallery in Melbourne had copies of his book Wall and Piece. It now graces our coffee table but looks a little lonely so I am on the hunt for further inspirational books with fabulous images.


Some options from my search so far… I would love to hear any of your recommendations!

1. Rethink the way you live. Available from Small Acorns.


2. American Fashion Designers at Home. Available from Amazon.


3. Kate: The Kate Moss Book. Available from Whitcoulls.


4. Gypset Travel. Available from Amazon.


5. Etcetera Etc ~ Sibella Court. Available from Small Acorns.



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