Kitsch or Cool? Part Deux

As per yesterdays post I really don’t think I’ll be joining the dungarees bandwagon. I have never believed that just because a few celebrities and models are wearing something that everyone should!

Fashion trends circle in and out of wardrobes around the world every few decades. I’m sure many mums out there have informed you that they ‘used to own a belt / top / skirt / pair of shoes just like that’ as you hand over your hard-earned cash for the latest ‘it’ item.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for trends and trendsetters and IΒ will often join the bandwagon but will do so at a moderate price level. If it’s potentially a fad that will only be in for one season my advice is spend your money wisely, look for a cheaper version that won’t leave you disappointed when the next trend cycle hits!


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or Cool?

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