Witchery to the Rescue

I have been on the hunt for a new pair of brown boots for a while now. Last season there was nothing special to replace a pair from Topshop that I had completely worn to death (cue wet socks if any sign of a puddle). I did have a tough criteria: 1. a low heal (they will be a winter work staple and I am on my feet for most of the day) 2. an interesting shade of brown 3. some form of detail to provide a point of difference.

I have finally added brown boots back to my work wardrobe (to be honest they will probably make their way to weekend brunch dates too) ย when I bought these beauties from Witchery.

I love the colour which is actually lighter than shown in the pic above (hubby called it ‘mannequin’ but I’m inclined to go with camel), they are super comfy and they have that extra detail I was after in the form of theย metal and leather strap at the back of the ankle.

I was pretty impressed with the Autumn/Winter collection at Witchery, especially the shoes. I am thinking this, these and especially these would make great additions to my wardrobe.


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